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Elite Antennas designs and produces in UK parabolic antennas, satcom feeds and wide band high power horn antennas for EW, SIGINT, satcom and jamming.

Elite Antennas perforated parabolic antenna

New: Perforated Reflector Antennas for satcom with reduced wind loading and reduced weight.

Elite has recently developed a new manufacturing technique that allows the creation of spun reflectors and antennas using perforated material. This technique was developed in response to customer demand for a lighter (-39%), but exceptionally robust antenna with reduced windloading (-31%) which is especially useful in particularly harsh, windswept environments.
Download Perforated Antennas Brochure

Satellite Reflector Antennas

Parabolic prime focus satellite reflector antennas, earth stations and microwave antennas

Ka Band Satcom AntennasElite Antennas reflector Ku-band

High performance rugged Ka Rx Band Satcom Antennas - 0.9m to 4.5m diameter. New high performance broadband Ka band receive feed with excellent characteristics across the whole 17 - 22 GHz receive band thanks to Elite's innovative Ortho Mode Transducer and polariser design. Download Ka Band Satcom Antenna flyer

Ka Band TX/RX Satcom Feed Assemblies

Elite Antennas addresses rising demand for Ka band capacity with a range of Ka band TxRx antennas designed around its own proprietary feed system. Download High Performance Ka Band TxRx Dual Polar Cross Polarized Prime Focus Feed Assembly Datasheet

Ka Band RX Satcom Feeds

Elite's feedtrain components feature extremely robust construction and outstanding performance. Download Ka Band RX Feed Datasheet.

Elite Antennas Eutelsat compliant FeedKu Band TX/RX Eutelsat Compliant Feeds

Elite Antennas' new Ku band Tx/Rx hybrid mode antenna feed provides the very highest performance to the Eutelsat antenna specification. Download the High Performance Ku TX/RX 10.5 – 14.5 GHz Dual Port Hybrid Mode Feed Assembly Datasheet

Ku Band Power Divider

Elite's compact, rugged power divider is designed as an economical hot-standby solution for TVRO applications where reception continuity is essential. The divider simply fits to any feed with a standard WR75 (WG17) flange and will accommodate two standard size LNBs side by side.
Download Ku Band Power Divider Datasheet.

Large Sectional Parabolic Antennas

Elite Antennas manufacture a line of antennas (3.0m, 3.7m, 4.5m diameter) which can be dismantled for transport and storage before reconstruction on site. This brings obvious cost benefits in terms of warehousing and transport costs without compromising surface accuracy or stability. Download Brochure Large Sectional Parabolic Antennas

Wideband High Power Reflector Antennas for EW/Jamming

Designed for high power jamming these antennas incorporate a number of novel features. They are of very rugged construction commensurate with military applications and offering full waveguide band power handling capability.
Download Datasheet 2.5GHz  to 8GHz Wideband High Power Antenna for Jamming and EW
Download Datasheet 7.5GHz to 18GHz Wideband High Power Antenna for Jamming and EW

Wideband Reflector Antennas for EW and Sigint

Designed for surveillance and SIGINT purposes these antennas incorporate a number of novel features. The antennas are of very rugged construction in line with government or military applications and offering excellent antenna performance over the waveguide band. They are also suitable for both EW jamming and Elint applications.

Motorised Antennas and Antenna Positioners

Elite Antennas manufacture a range of motorised antennas to suit applications such as surveillance, standby, failover and inclined orbit tracking. The motorised antenna mounts use heavy duty slewing drives and high grade linear jacks for massive rigidity and accurate, first-time acquisition.
Elite Antennas motorized positioner