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Antenna Systems Solutions (Asysol)
is a spin-off of the Technical University of Madrid. It has decades of experience in antenna design and construction of antenna test equipment. Download Asysol's corporate brochure.

Antenna Test Chambers

Asysol has developped their own positioners, controllers and software for antenna testing. Renowned universities, research institutes and aerospace and defence companiew are among the customers. The absorbers for the chambers are being supplied by the market leader Emerson & Cuming.

Antenna Positioners

are available for different antenna weights and sizes and movement requirements.

Horn Antennas and Test Probes

Standard gain horn antennas and field probes are available in many styles and for frequencies from 700MHz to 300GHz.

Compact Ranges

Antenna reflectors for Compact Ranges have been built for frequencies between 6GHz and 150GHz.

Near Field Scanners

Near field scanners have been made for 1.5GHz to 40GHz (ESA certified) for planar, cylindrical or spherical scanning.