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High Reliability RF and Microwave Products and Test Solutions

MRC GIGACOMP is a distributor of MIL qualified RF and microwave components. All our US and European suppliers have a reputation for off-the shelf standard products and responsiveness for customer specific designs. Our European manufacturers supply non-ITAR products.
Logo A1 Microwave A1 Microwave is a UK supplier of waveguide and coaxial microwave filters, couplers, waveguide straights and flexible waveguides.
Logo Asysol Antenna Systems Solutions supplies antenna test chambers for nearfield and far-field tests.
Logo Weinschel API Weinschel is a leader in fixed, variable and programmable RF attenuators and power RF loads.
Logo Barry Barry is a US supplier of power RF chip attenuators, resistors and terminations.
electronics and innovation logo Electronics & Innovation is a manufacturer of HF and VHF power amplifiers, modules, impedance transformers and amplifier arrays for tactical radios and transmitters.
Logo Erzia Erzia manufactures microwave and millimeter wave LNAs and power amplifiers.
Logo Innovative Power Products Innovative Power Products has a vast range of high power broadband power dividers and couplers.
logo Keysight Keysight's Propsim F32 radio channel emulator has the unique capability of testing Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks (MANET) with up to 11 radios in one unit due to a record setting 128 fading channels.
Logo Microwave Technology MwT Microwave Technology (MwT) provides hi-rel qualifications for its GaAs FET, GaAs and GaN pHEMT and MMIC products.
Logo Noletec Noletec of Sweden manufactures GaN based power transistors and power pallets.
OMMIC logo OMMIC is a European manufacturer of non-ITAR microwave and millimetre wave MMICs using III-V compound semiconductor materials GaAs, GaN and InP.
logo Pasternack Pasternack has more than 40'000 different RF products in stock, from connectors to amplifiers.
Logo Qorvo Qorvo = RFMD + TriQuint. A market-leader in RF and microwave GaN transistor, GaAs semiconductors, SAW filters, BAW filters and hybrid modules.
Teledyne Microwave Logo Teledyne Microwave manufactures Amplifiers, Filters, Integrated Assemblies, Mixers and VCOs with Hi-Rel Qualifications.
Logo Times Microwave Times Microwave supplies phase stable and low loss microwave cables for the defense industry.
Wei Bo Logo Wei Bo Associates is a privately held Hong Kong company. All products are ITAR-free. The product range consists of high power PIN diode switch modules and limiter modules.