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Logo Amotech
Amotech (Advanced Material On TECHnology) fabricates varistors and antennas for automotive, commercial and wireless applications.

Chip and Patch AntennasAmotech Antennen

Amotech manufactures antennas for GPS, SDARS, ISM band applications (e.g. Bluetooth, WIFI, Zigbee), antennas for NFC, FM and terminals.
Presentation of Amotech Antennas
Antennas for GNSS and SDARS
Antennas for Bluetooth, WIFI and Ultra Wideband
Antennas for Near-Field Communication and Inductors for Wireless Power Charging
Antennas for IoT (LoRA, Sigfox, NB-LTE)
Datasheet Amotech chip antenna 2.4GHz

Chip Varistors and ESD Filters

Amotech is a supplier of products which eliminate static electricity in electronic devices. It is a major supplier of chip varistors for digital cameras, mobile phones, TVs, tablet computers and automotive applications. Well-known brand names are Amo-Diodes and Amo-Suppressor. Amotech varistor and ESD filter products:
Amotech varistorsChip Varistors and ESD Filters