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Qorvo = RFMD + TriQuint. The portfolio of LNAs, RF transistors, MMICs and hybrid amplifiers is one of the largest on the market.

Qorvo Spatium Microwave SSPAsqorvo spatium solid state microwave power amplifier

Qorvo's Spatium range of GaN based solid state microwave power amplifiers covers 2GHz to 36GHz and power levels up to 750W in X-band.

RFMD Amplifier Product Families

3G/4G Power Amplifiers for smartphones and tablet-PCs
CATV Amplifiers up to 2.5GHz, also for return channel
CATV Power Amplifier Modules in SOT-115J package with high linearity
Gain Blocks DC to 12GHz, up to 43dBm output-IP3
Highly efficient Power Amplifier RFICs up to 3GHz, efficiency up to 65%
Microwave Amplifiers and MMICs, DC to 50GHz, unpackaged
High-Reliability Amplifiers up to 6GHz, in hermetic SMT-2 package, for space applications
Linear Amplifier RFICs with high OIP3 up to 20GHz
Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) up to 6GHz, noise figure below 0.5dB
Amplifier Modules for LTE and UMTS Femto Cells, Multi-Chip-Modules with 24dBm or 28dBm output power
ISM-Band PA for Zigbee and Smart Energy
RFICs with variable Gain up to 4GHz, digital or analog control
WIFI Amplifiers for 2.5GHz and 6GHz (5.8GHz), gain 9dB to 40dB, output power 9dBm to 30dBm

Triquint Amplifier Product Families

Driver Amplifiers DC to 50GHz, up to 30W at 12GHz
Gain Blocks DC to 83GHz
High Power Amplifiers up to 40GHz, up to 50W in QFN package
Low Noise Amplifiers DC to 80GHz, noise figure 0.4dB up to 2GHz, 1.6dB up to 32GHz, amplifiers for CATV
Power Amplifier Modules for 5,8GHz WLAN (802.11ac and 802.11ax) and S-Band (100W) and X-Band (17W) Radar
Variable Gain Amplifiers digital and analogue control, 5MHz to 4GHz, up to 40dB gain
Wideband Amplifiers up to 47GHz, also optical modulator drivers

Brochures and Product Selection Guides (please click on the pictures for downloading):
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Qorvo GaN Selection Guide
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Qorvo CATV Amplifiers
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Qorvo Wi-Fi Switches & LNAs
Qorvo VSAT and point-to-point
Qorvo VSAT & Point-to-Point
Qorvo ISM band products
Qorvo ISM Band Products
Qorvo optical solutions
Qorvo Opto-Drivers and TIAs
Qorvo customer premises equipment products
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Qorvo Spatium SSPA technology
Qorvo Spatium SSPA
Qorvo optical solutions
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