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Propsim Standard Tools software release 3.9.0

 12th December 2016
We would like to inform you that the Propsim Standard Tools software release 3.9.0 for Propsim F32, FS8 and F8 channel emulators is now available for download from Keysight Software Manager. To access Keysight Software Manager, log in to myKeysight and follow the link to "Keysight Software Manager" from the "Quick Links" box.

Key new features and enhancements in software release 3.9.0
  • Support for Propsim F8 aerospace emulation (ASO) option.
    • Enables to upgrade Aerospace option to all existing Propsim F8 units
    • Improves usability and versatility of existing Propsim F8 ASO units
  • LTE interference generator enhancements
    • Automatic time and frequency correction during synchronization
    • Settings for TDD special subframe configuration and CFI (control frame indicator)
  • Backup/restore feature for protecting user data stored on Propsim hard drive
  • Scenario Wizard supports defining distribution seed for statistical channel models (i.e. 3GPP standard channel models) individually for all links.
  • Doppler and RSRP added as recordable parameters under Data logging feature
  • Support for channel modeling tools in future to combine multiple Propsim F32/FS8 RF channels for wider bandwidths
A list of the functional additions and improvements is provided in the Release note document that accompanies the release. The Release note document(s) is also available as a separate download in the Customer Support portal.

Please read the Release note document for possible limitations and for important items to know before installing the release update on Propsim emulator or on external PC.
Highlights from previous main releases

Release 3.8.0
  • TDLTE interference support for the LTE interference generator with UL/DL timing configuration as a separate settings parameter
  • Shadowing offset – The feature is designed to improve usability of level calibrations in multi-link and multi-RAT test setups.
  • Data logging and Live data viewer - Enables logging and tracking of level data. The feature is supported in local and remote use and can be configured also to a separate PC.
  • Enhancements in level settings and automated adjustments
    • LTE DL RSRP measurement functionality and signal based phase calibration added in GUI
    • AILC AGC mode - Can be used to get wanted absolute output levels independently of incoming signal level variations.
Release 3.7.0
  • Integrated LTE interference generator
    • Designed for evaluating the link and network level performance and interference mitigation techniques under realistic and controllable LTE network RSRP & RSSNR conditions.
    • Enables to simplify the test setup and improves the accuracy and efficiency of testing.
  • Dynamic speed profile support. Allows creating or importing speed profiles for mobility testing in scenario wizard.
  • New ATE command to get power at Propsim output. Improves the level measurement accuracy with high correlation models.
New releases are subject to purchase and/or maintenance agreement. For more details, please read the release note documents that are available at customer extranet portal.
Please contact to customer support ( if you have trouble with access into the Customer Support portal.
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