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Swiss company Diramics is specialised in ultra-low-noise unpackaged transistors and MMICs for demanding applications at K-band, Ka-band, E-band and W-band applications, such as satellite communications, defense and body scanners.

Discrete pHEMTs

The ph-100 pHEMT technology enables the lowest noise commercially available transistors. The Indium Phosphide pHEMTs excel at cryogenic and room temperature applications.
Accurate small-signal and noise models make designing an LNA easy and fast.
Available Dimensions for the pH-100 Technology
Gate Length: 100 nm
Finger Width: 10 μm – 150 μm
Number of Fingers: 2 / 4 / 6

Basic Characteristics of a 4 x 20 μm Device (incl. bond-/probe-pads)
300 K 15 K
fT: 220 GHz 235 GHz
fMAX: 550 GHz 800 GHz
gm: 1250 mS/mm 1500 mS/mm
NFmin (@30GHz) 0.6 dB 0.08 dB
Tmin (@30GHz) 43 K 5 K
Diramics ph-100 noise plot

Diramics low-noise transistor data sheets


Diramics is now offering LNAs based on the same process as the low-noise transistors. The ultra-low-noise LNAs cover frequency bands from 12 GHz to 86 GHz.

Data for the 70 GHz to 86 GHz LNA:
Noise figure:              2.5 dB (simulated)
Gain:                         23 dB
Input match (S11):    <-5 dB
Output match (S22): <-7 dB
DC supply:  Vg = 70 mV, Vd = 1.4 V @48 mA
Die size: 2.89 mm x 1 mm x 0.1 mm
Diramics 86 GHz LNA

Ultra Low Noise Foundry Service

The pH-100 series devices are AlInAs/InGaAs pHEMTs on InP substrates. The gate width and number of fingers can be customized according to the application. The transistor technology provides ultimate noise performance at cryogenic temperatures and offers outstanding noise figures at room temperature. All typical passive elements, such as thin film resistors, capacitors and inductors are included in the PDK to allow for microstrip and coplanar circuit designs. There are two MIM capacitor options to enable small capacitance values as well as compact high-capacitance elements.
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