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Teledyne Microwave has developed and introduced a wide range of innovative products to the microwave industry. The collaboration and combined R & D power of Teledyne Microwave, Teledyne MEC, Teledyne Labtech, Teledyne Paradise Datacom, Teledyne KW Microwave, Teledyne Cougar and Teledyne Defence Ltd. has created new products ranging from remote body scanners to radar & threat detection systems to ultra compact satellite communication amplifiers.
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YIG Products

Teledyne Microwave YIG Filters and Oscillators
  • YIG Filters 0.5GHz to 50GHz, multi-octave tuning
  • YIG Oscillators
  • YIG Integrated Products
  • TINYig Oscillators
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Teledyne Microwave Solid State Amplifiers
  • Detector Log Video Amplifiers (DLVAs)
  • Low Noise Amplifiers
  • Solid State Power Amplifiers
  • Gain Shape Linearizer Amplifiers
  • Limiting Amplifiers
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Circuit Boards and MMIC Packaging

Teledyne Labtech PCB

Teledyne Labtech is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of complex and high technology demanding microwave printed circuit boards

  • Flex & Flex-Rigid PCBs
  • Metal-Cored PCBs
  • Post-bonded and pre-bonded Metalback PCBs
  • Precision single-sided and double-sided PCBs
  • RF & Microwave Multilayer PCBs


Teledyne Microwave Components

  • Attenuators
  • BAW (Bulk Acoustic Wave) Delay Lines
  • RF Detectors
  • Frequency Doublers
  • Isolators and Circulators
  • RF Linearizers
  • RF Mixers
  • Power Dividers
  • Solid State Switches
  • Voltage Controlled Oscillators
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Teledyne Microwave Filters
  • Cavity Filters
  • Coaxial Resonator Filters
  • Combline Filters
  • Integrated Filter Assemblies
  • Interdigital Filters
  • Lumped Element Filters 10MHz to 20GHz, connectorized, SMD or with pins
  • Suspended Substrate Filters 1GHz to 40GHz, 25% to 100% bandwidth
  • Tuneable Filters
  • Waveguide Filters

Integrated Assemblies

Teledyne Microwave Integrated Assemblies
  • Frequency Converters
  • Frequency Synthesizers
  • Multiplexers
  • RF and Microwave Transceivers
  • Multi-Function Assemblies including DIFM, SDLVA, Channelisers, Converters, Local Oscillators, Switched Multiplexers.


Teledyne Microwave Receivers
  • Channelizing Microwave Receivers 0.5GHz-18GHz, VME Form Factor, 8 Channel Pre-selector, Digital Instantaneous Frequency Measurement (DIFM)
  • Digitizing Receivers 2.0 – 18GHz, VME64 Form Factor, 15-bit Output (0.5 MHz Resolution), 60 dB Dynamic Range, SDLVA Log Video Output
  • Radar Warning Receivers 0.5 to 18 GHz, with frequency extensions available to above 40 GHz
  • Teledyne Defence Receivers 2.0 – 18GHz, Phobos and Phobos-R, ESM and ECM Receivers, ELINT, COMINT and SIGINT Receivers

Space Qualified Products

Teledyne Microwave Space Qualified Components
  • Amplifiers
  • Filters
  • Multi-Function Assemblies including DIFM, SDLVA, Channelisers, Converters, Local Oscillators, Switched Multiplexers.
  • RF Mixers
  • VCOs and Synthesizers
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