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Netcom is a proven leader in the design and manufacture of tunable filters, RF amplifiers, LC filters, and integrated assemblies for the military, aerospace, wireless communications, and medical industries.

Tunable Filters

Netcom has developed a line of cost effective tunable filters for SDR and co-site mitigation applications.

Lumped Element Tunable Filters Netcom 5750 tunable RF filter

Netcom offers state-of-the-art tunable filters with varying frequency ranges covering between 1.5 MHz to 800 MHz. Units are available with standard 3dB bandwidths from 3% to 20%​. The product data sheets provide examples with differing insertion loss and switching speed. Netcom provides lumped element filters in an SMT or through-hole package.

Tunable Cavity Filters

Netcom's tunable cavity filters cover the frequency range of 225MHz to 512MHz. Maximum power levels are between 1W and 10W, insertion loss is typically 3dB to 4dB and the shape factors (30dB/3dB) are between 5 and 8.Netcom LC filter

LC Bandpass Filter, Diplexers and Triplexers

Netcom designs and manufactures bandpass, lowpass, highpass, notch and diplexer LC filters for radio frequencies from audio to 3 GHz and microwave frequencies up to 18 GHz. 

RF Power Amplifiers

Netcom has significant experience in designing amplifiers with high linearity, where co-site mitigation is an important consideration. This includes the development of amplifiers where high power filters are an integral part of the amplifier design. Netcom RF power amplifier

Integrated RF Assemblies

Netcom develops many types of integrated assemblies for a wide variety of applications. Because of its vast experience in designing multiple types of components, Netcom is able to leverage this experience to create system modules. The result is optimization of overall module performance, size and weight reduction, complete subsystem accountability, and reduced costs.