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JQL Electronics manufactures RF circulators, isolators, iso-adapters, ceramic filters, cavity filters, RF power amplifiers and transformers with excellent quality at a very reasonable price. Company brochure JQLJQL low IMD coaxial circulator

Circulators and Isolators

JQL offers a complete spectrum of coaxial, drop-in, surface mount, microstrip, and waveguide ferrite circulators and isolators, from 100MHz to 120GHz. The picture on the right shows surface mount circulators which are offered in a compact reflow solderable housing.
New low-cost surface mount circulators:
low-intermod-circulators for UHF-RFID (840MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz, 953MHz) with 0.2dB insertion loss, -85dBc IMD and 28dB isolation and low-intermod-circulators for 2.4GHz, 2.5GHz, 2.6GHz with 0.35dB insertion loss, -85dBc IMD and 20dB isolation JQL-SMT-circulator-isolator-5G

New: Surface mount circulators and isolators for 5G applications. The SMT millimeter wave series in microstrip technology offers up to 20dB isolation, low insertion loss of only 0.7dB and is available for frequencies from 5GHz to 40GHz.
Download JCSM27K5T29K5 datasheet (27.5GHz to 29.5GHz)

Cavity Filters

JQL designs and manufactures cavity filters for a wide range of applications and frequency bands.

Bandpass Filters

Bandpass cavity filters are available with one or two passbands, from 200MHz to 15GHz.

Ceramic Filters

Low-cost ceramic filters for medium and high volume applications. Ceramic Filters Overview
Power Dividers
Directional Couplers (800MHz to 2.5GHz)
Iso-adapters for C-band, X-band and Ku-band Catalog of standard products

New products:
Ceramic filter for C-Band (data sheet)
Cavity filter for 915MHz (data sheet) JQL SMD power transformer

Planar transformers

Planar transformers up to 300W, frequencies up to 3MHz (15W- and 30W-types), low parasitic capacity and inductance, light, small SMD, optimized for DC-DC-converters (catalog