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was founded in Switzerland in 1989. The company has developed into a specialist for RF filters, antennas and frequency generators for commercial and military applications.  Inwave RF oscillators

RF and Microwave Oscillators

Dielectric Resonator Oscillators (DROs)

The DRO-based RF-oscillators of Inwave are characterized by very high frequency stability and very low phase noise. They are ideal for applications which require high phase stability:
  • Master oscillators in communication systems
  • Frequency generation in Radar systemsInwave frequency synthesizers
Fixed frequency DROs are available up to 15 GHz and voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) from 500 MHz to 10GHz with a linear tuning range of up to +/- 500MHz.

Fixed Frequency Synthesizer

Synthesizer with fixed frequency and very low phase noise, available for 400MHz up to 4GHz.

Time and Frequency Standards

Inwave frequency standard Inwave has developed a series of Time and Frequency Standards.

Standard Frequencies

The latest product is TNF1110, which has several output frequencies in one unit. Besides the ubiquitous 10MHz reference frequency there are low phase noise outputs for 500MHz, 1GHz, 2GHz, 10GHz, 24GHz and a variable frequency TTL-output for 0.1Hz to 10MHz.

SONET-Frequency Generation

Frequency generators for SONET applications are produced for OC12 (622.08 MHz), OC48 (2488.32 MHz) and OC192 (9953.28 MHz) with very high frequency accuracy and very low phase noise.

Frequency Generation for physical and chemical Research

For applications in physics and chemistry Inwave has developed frequency standards for
  • H -Hydrogen (1.44GHz)
  • Rb - Rubidium (6.8GHz)
  • NH3 - Ammonia (23.87GHz)

Reference Oscillators

Inwave uses a variety of technologies for the reference oscillators, depending on the requirements:
  • OCXOs (oven controlled quartz oscillators)
  • Rubidum oscillators
  • GPS disciplined OCXOsInwave GPS frequency reference

GPS disciplined Quartz Oscillators

Inwave is a manufacturer of  GPS disciplined Quartz oscillators, available for mounting on a PCB or as a stand-alone unit for lab use in a metal case with SMA connectors.


Radio Frequency Transmission over optical Fibre Inwave RF to fiber

For the transmission of RF signals over large distances or for use as a delay line with large RF bandwidth Inwave developed the RF to Fibre Converter AFOL-100, which boasts very low phase noisee and high frequency stability and is thus ideal for applications in communications and Radar technology.

RF Filters

RF and microwave filters are made according to customer specifications:

Coaxial RF and Microwave Filters

Coaxial RF filters can be made for frequencies between 500MHz and 10GHz. Inwave microwave filters

Stripline RF Filters

RF stripline filters (surface mount and through-hole) can be made for 1MHz to 8GHz as low pass, high pass or bandpass filters.

Cavity Filters

Inwave develops high quality cavity filters (Dual Mode Filters).

Power Dividers and Prescalers

Inwave produces power dividers and frequency dividers (prescalers)