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Corry Micronics (CMI) produces RF amplifiers, RF switches, switch matrices, RF filters and RF power dividers since 1970 for applications in telecomms, healthcare, industry, defence and aerospace.

RF Ceramic Filters

Corry Micronics ceramic tubular filters

RF Switches and Attenuators

Corry Micronics RF switches and control products

RF Filters and Duplexers

Corry Micronics filters and diplexers
• Cavity filters
• Coaxial filters
• Diplexers and Multiplexers in ceramic and cavity technology

Antennas and Waveguides

Corry Micronics horn antennas and waveguides

RF Switch Matrices

Corry Micronics switch matrices

RF Power Amplifiers

Corry Micronics RF power amplifiers

Low Noise Amplifiers

Corry Micronics low noise amplifiers