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CEL replacements for discontinued Renesas RF products

Renesas has decided to withdraw from the microwave semiconductor device business as described in their press release. There are CEL direct drop-in replacement parts for many of the Renesas microwave devices that are being discontinued, including all RF switches and most of the low noise GaAs FETs (pHEMTs). The complete End of Life (EOL) list of parts is available in this pdf.

RF Components

CEL California Eastern Laboratories designs and manufactures a range of RF components, using the world's number one GaAs foundry. Many of them are direct replacements for discontinued Renesas parts at reduced cost and improved performance.
Download CEL's Conflict Minerals Statement.

RFIC SwitchesCEL 6-XSON bottom view CEL 6-XSON top view

CEL offers a wide range of RFIC Switches (SPDT, SP3T, DPDT) in industry standard and miniaturized packages.
They are used in WIFI routers and modules, Bluetooth, ISM band applications like wireless headsets and many other
VHF and UHF applications.
    Typical Electrical Characteristics (TA = 25°C)  
Part No. Replacement for Type Max. Operating Frequency   Control Voltages (V) Insertion Loss @2.5GHz  Isolation @2.5GHz P0.1dB
Package Style
CG2163X3 UPG2163T5N SPDT 6.0GHz 1.8, 3.0, 5.0 0.40dB 40dB +33dBm 6-XSON
CG2176X3 UPG2176T5N absorptive
5.85GHz 1.8, 3.0, 5.0 0.45dB 30dB +37.5dBm 6-TSON
CG2179M2 UPG2214TB
SPDT 3.0GHz 1.8, 3.0, 5.0 0.45dB 26dB +32.5dBm SOT-363 (low cost!)
CG2185X2 UPG2185T6R SPDT 6.0GHz 1.8, 3.0, 5.0 0.35dB 28dB +29dBm +32dBm 6-TSON
CG2214M6 UPG2214TK SPDT 3.0GHz 1.8, 3.0, 5.0 0.35dB 25dB +32.5dBm 6-SMD
CG2409M2 UPG2409TB SPDT 3.8GHz 1.8, 3.0, 5.0 0.45dB 27dB +37.5dBm +39dBm SOT-363
CG2409X3 UPG2409T6X SPDT 6.0GHz 1.8, 3.0, 5.0 0.40dB 26dB +37.5dBm +39dBm 6-TSON
CG2415M6 UPG2415TK SPDT 6.0GHz 1.8, 3.0, 5.3 0.35dB 32dB +31dBm +35dBm 6-SMD
CG2430X1 UPG2430T6Z SP3T 6.0GHz 1.8, 3.0, 5.0 0.50dB 28dB +28dBm +32dBm 8-TSON
CG2164X3 UPG2164T5N DPDT 6.0GHz 1.8, 3.0, 5.0 0.50dB 25dB   +34dBm 6-TSON

Download CEL RF switch selection guide.

Small Signal GaAs FETs replacing RenesasCEL low noise GaAs FETs

CEL offers industry-leading Low Noise GaAs FET devices. Exceptional noise figure performance at frequencies past 20GHz are achieved in both ceramic and plastic packages.

CEL is continously designing new devices as replacements for discontinued Renesas parts. If you do not find the product you need please ask us as it might be in the pipeline already. Here is the list of currently available GaAs FET LNAs which are ideal for C-band, X-band, Ku-band and K-band applications.

        Bias     Package
Part No. Replacement for: Comment Test Freq. VDS IDS Noise Figure Gain Code Style
CE3512K2 NE3512S02, NE3511S02, NE3516S02, NE3210S01, NE4210S01 LNA at X-band, Ku-band 12GHz 2V 10mA 0.30dB 13.7dB K2 Micro-X
CE3514M4 NE3503M04, NE3513M04 2nd stage at X-band, Ku-band 12GHz 2V 10mA 0.42dB 12.2dB M4 Plastic SMD
CE3520K3 NE3520S03 1st stage up to 24GHz 20GHz 2V 10mA 0.55dB 13.8dB K3 Micro-X
CE3521M4 NE3521M04 2nd or 3rd stage at 20GHz 20GHz 2V 10mA 0.70dB 11.9dB M4 Plastic SMD
CE3524K3   1st stage LNA at K-band 24GHz 2V 10mA 0.84dB 13.4dB K3 Micro-X

Bluetooth Smart Mini Module

Bluetooth Mini-Modul CEL has introduced a Bluetooth module, which is pin compatible with its ZigBee modules. Its main features are:
  • Large range of 50m to 100m
  • 8dBm output power
  • Versions with antenna on the PCB and coaxial connector (MMCX)
  • Supports CSRMesh™, UART, I2C and SPI
  • Available wth Avi-on™ Software
  • Interoperable with CEL's MeshWorks™ platform
Download the Bluetooth Mini-Module Brochure.
And here is the Bluetooth Mini-Module Data Sheet.

Market Disrupter Award from ECN

California Eastern Labs' MeshWorks™ wins prestigious "Market Disrupter Award" from ECN

Presentation with Applications

Download the presentation (pdf, 17MB) which contains product comparisons, applications and case studies for CEL's MeshConnect ZigBee modules and sensors.

MeshConnect ZigBee Wireless Modules

CEL offers MeshConnect Wireless Modules based on their own MeshConnect transceivers ICs as well as industry-leading transceiver platforms from Silicon Labs™, Freescale™, Ember™ and Texas Instruments™. The modules feature long range, low power consumption, and integrated antennas. They are FCC, IC and CE certified, which greatly reduces development costs, risks, and time to market.
CEL Meshconnect
MeshConnect™ EM35x Mini Modules ZICM35xSP0 (8dBm output power) and ZICM35xSP2 (20dBm) are based on Ember's EM357 and EM358 ICs. Measuring only 16.6mm x 23.9mm these are among the smallest available Zigbee modules.
Datasheet MeshConnect ZigBee Mini Module ZICM35xSP0

MeshConnect™ EM357 High Temperature Mini Modules ZICM357SP2-x-HT are specified for the temperature range -40°C to +110°C spezifiziert. The output power is 20dBm (100mW). The modules are available with integrated antenna or with connector for an external antenna.
Datasheet MeshConnect ZigBee High Temperature Module

MeshConnect ZigBee Wireless USB Stick

CEL's MeshConnect™ EM357 Wireless USB Sticks enable hardware vendors to quickly integrate ZigBee® into existing devices with a USB port. No RF design expertise is required. They can be used as a hardware development platform for rapid prototyping and as a companion to the MeshConnect EM357 Modules.

The USB Sticks can be used as a platform for custom firmware development. It runs EmberZNet PRO™ stack, including Smart Energy, Home Automation, Commercial Building Automation and ZigBee Light Link profiles. The MeshConnect ZigBee Wireless USB Sticks are available with output power levels of 8dBm and 20dBm.
Datasheet MeshConnect ZigBee Wireless USB Stick.
Quick Start Guide with examples for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux (Ubuntu).CEL Meshworks

MeshConnect Ethernet Gateway for 2,4GHz ZigBee

The MeshConnect Ethernet Gateway connects the 2.4GHz ZigBee network directly with the internet. It is based on Ember's ZNet PRO™ Software-Stack with profiles for
  • Smart Energy
  • Home Automation
  • ZigBee Light Link and
  • Building Automation
The omnidirectional antenna is integrated into the module.

MeshWorks Ethernet Gateway for IEEE 802.15.4

The MeshWorks Gateway is the version for IEEE802.15.4.
Brochure CEL Ethernet Gateways

MeshConnect Solutions

Lighting: ZigBee Helps Light the Future
Internet of Things: MeshWorks IoT