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Barry Industries:  The ART of Passive RF Components: Attenuators, Resistors, Terminations
on Aluminium nitrite (AlN) and Beryllium oxide (BeO). Overview passive components.

Barry has developped products with special copper tungsten (CuW) flange for highest reliability in pulsed amplifiers and for large temperature variations. This Application Note explains the advantages.

The special requirements for resistors in pulsed applications are explained in this paper.

Download here the Barry-catalog.

Barry does space qualifications for its products.

Barry has developped hermetically sealed QFN-packages based on Alumina for microwave and millimeter wave frequencies up to 40GHz. Customer specific versions can be developped for a few k pcs. All show very low loss and are according to RoHS.
Overview ceramic QFN-packages:

Pins Configuration JEDEC MO-220
Model No.
(data sheet)
3mm 12 Bare Seal Ring VEED-5 QFN-3312-0500
3mm 12 Grounded Seal Ring VEED-5 QFN-3312-0501
3mm 12 Castellated Grounded Seal Ring VEED-5 QFN-3312-0502
4mm 20 Bare Seal Ring VGGD-5 QFN-4420-0500
4mm 20 Grounded Seal Ring VGGD-5 QFN-4420-0501
4mm 20 Castellated Grounded Seal Ring VGGD-5 QFN-4420-0502
5mm 32 Bare Seal Ring VHHD-5 QFN-5532-0500
5mm 32 Grounded Seal Ring VHHD-5 QFN-5532-0501
5mm 32 Castellated Grounded Seal Ring VHHD-5 QFN-5532-0502
6mm 36 Bare Seal Ring VJJD-5 QFN-6636-0500
6mm 36 Grounded Seal Ring VJJD-5 QFN-6636-0501
6mm 36 Castellated Grounded Seal Ring VJJD-5 QFN-6636-0502
7mm 44 Bare Seal Ring VKKD-5 QFN-7744-0500
7mm 44 Grounded Seal Ring VKKD-5 QFN-7744-0501
7mm 44 Castellated Grounded Seal Ring VKKD-5 QFN-7744-0502
8mm 48 Bare Seal Ring VLLD QFN-8848-0500
8mm 48 Grounded Seal Ring VLLD QFN-8848-0501
8mm 48 Castellated Grounded Seal Ring VLLD QFN-8848-0502

The insertion loss values are the same for all versions:
DC to 18GHz: 0.5dB
18GHz to 35GHz: 1.5dB

Barry develops custom components (ceramic substrates, ceramic packages, resistors up to 5000W). Example: Microchannel ceramic cooler (picture to the right).